Team Gold!!!

Hi Folks,

just a quick update here.  We had the teams and pairs competition today.  In teams, we had a round robin and then a top two final. We (Ontario) won our first game 9-3 against BC and then followed that up with a 9-2 victory against Quebec.  In the final round robin game BC pulled off a major upset beating Quebec in a tie-breaker.  We then took care of business, by winning the final 13-1 over BC.  Personally, I played ok, nothing great nothing awful.

Tomorrow we start the individual competition.  I will have three games tomorrow, then a final pool game on Saturday followed by semi’s and hopefully a gold medal match.

I’m feeling pretty tired today, so I am heading to bed early.

Have a good night.



Education Day at Nationals

Hey Folks,

We’re here in Surrey, BC, we arrived late last night.  Got up early and had some breakfast at McDonalds, and we’re very happy to sneak in a private practice on the real floor before the day started.  We then had our athlete’s meeting, where I was graciously voted on to the Athlete’s Council for the Boccia National Sport Organization.  It is a new council and we have lots of plans to improve things for Boccia Athletes in Canada. Next up, was a presentation on doping control and how to “properly pee in a cup”, which for us Boccia Athletes is not easy to do.  My wife would have loved the presentation because it has all kinds of legal ramifications.  

They did manage to fit in some official practice later in the day, which was good for everyone.  We’re now waiting for the dinner and the opening ceremonies to start this evening.  

Team play tomorrow, we play BC at 9 am followed by Quebec at 11 am, and then we will be in the finals of the top two teams at 3pm. We’ll hopefully get the chance to let you know how it goes tomorrow evening.  Thats all for now.

Team TK!

Headed to Nationals

Hey folks,

Well, the time has come!  I leave tomorrow for the 2012 Canadian Boccia Championships and Final Paralympic Selection Camp, in Surrey, BC.

The calendar is as follows:

  • Wednesday, “Education Day” and meetings
  • Thursday, Team Play
  • Friday, Individual Play
  • Saturday, Individual Play
  • Sunday, Selection Camp

I feel ready to go and “get the job done”.  Also, I’m seeing this as a sort of celebration.  The last 4 years has gotten me to a point that select few will ever get the opportunity to challenge for.  If you know me at all, you know I thrive on challenges & competition!  🙂  My focus will be on enjoying the moment and the challenge!  My whole life has been conquering challenges successfully, so this will be no different.

I’ll try and keep you all updated throughout the week, either via this blog or my facebook fan page.  My amazing wife got me a new travel toy for Xmas, a brand new tablet, so hopefully it will help me update you folks.  🙂



Heading to London … Ontario

Final team Ontario training camp.  Should be a fun weekend. Nationals in 2.5 weeks!

Reflections of 2011 in Boccia

As we turn over the calendar to 2012, I’m reflecting on what a HUGE year it’s been for me in Boccia (and life in general).

Last year at this time, I’ve:

  • Just made Team Ontario for the first time, and had never been to a Team *Anything* training camp
  • Never came 1st in any tournament
  • Not qualified to be even be eligible or classified for the London 2012 Paralympics
  • Been living in an all-too-small apartment, with little control over attendant services.

But, during 2011, I’ve:

  • Won the Provincial Championship
  • Won the National Championship (Individual & Team)
  • Made the Canadian National Boccia Team
  • Received extremely helpful funding from the provincial and national governments for being an “elite athlete”
  • Competed in my first “best-in-the-world” Boccia event (the World Cup) for Canada
  • Competed in my first multi-sport games (the 2011 Parapanamerican Games) for Canada
  • Put myself in a position to challenge for a chance to become a Paralympian
  • Learned a bunch, from many, at training camps and events
  • Started a new life (with my beautiful wife) in our own home, with our own attendants

What an incredible life-changing year!!!!!!!  BIG THANKS to everyone who have made all this possible, and have supported me along the way.

I always been an avid sports fan, but until recently, didn’t even envision a way to participate as a high performance athlete.  I can’t say 2011 has been a dream come true, because I didn’t even dream I’d be able to do this things.

I can’t wait to meet all the challenges that the next year will bring!  Here’s to a even better 2012!!!!!!

Double Gold at the 2011 Canadian Boccia Championships

Dais 11-14

Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay on this last update. We were very busy the last few days of the games, and after returning home, there’s been lots of tasks in re-organizing my Ottawa life.

As I said, the last few days were jam packed. We saw Sitting Volleyball (exciting to watch, and I need to be careful that Trish doesn’t defect from Boccia to this ), blind Judo, blind soccer, and all the Canadian medal round games for the men’s & women’s wheelchair basketball teams (women got sliver, men upset in semis, but still won bronze, both qualifying for London 2012). Needless to say our voices were pretty horse every single night!

We also got a chance to attend a reception for Canadian athletes at a downtown hotel, put on by the Province of Ontario, for the Toronto 2015 ParaPanAm games. It was nice to get some Ontario food & wine/beer (cause the village food court was getting REALLY old). We also got to meet and talk to (and earlier in the day, have lunch with) the Federal Minster of Sport, and the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (who himself is a person with a disability). It was a nice break from the games.

The closing ceremonies were just as special as the opening, … with one major exception. The main entertainment was what can only be described as “the Mexico version of KISS”. Yes, that’s as bizarre and surreal as it sounds! 

The final night in GDL was spent enjoying the night with a new friend from the cycling team. We got about 1.5 hours of sleep, then started the long journey home.

Although my personal competition didn’t go as planned, it was still a great positive experience which I’ll never forget. It was a privilege to represent Canada, and it only makes me hungrier to be able to do it again next year in London!

You can find a photo album of our whole adventure at (you don’t need to be a facebook user to see this):
Many thanks to Trish for uploading this album and letting me share it with all of you!

The next few months will involve training for Nationals in March, and doing what I need to do to make London 2012. I’ll keep you all updated sporadically during this time.

Entering the closing ceremony in "Team TK style"!!!!!

Dias 7-10

We are still alive and kicking in Mexico.  The Boccia competition ended 2 days ago and the team overall did very well.  Out of nine athletes we won 5 medals (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze). 

Yesterday we had a productive day at supporting Canadian teammates in other sports.  We started off by taking a trip to the other end of the city to watch our Women’s Goalball team play a tough match against USA.  They lost 5-2, but were close for most of the game.  It was really cool to watch a proper game of goalball.  You are only allowed to cheer when someone scores, very interesting.  Then we headed off to the track, to watch on of our friends compete in the 100m sprint.  We also got to see a few more medals while we were there.  We ended the day at the Women’s Wheelchair Basketball semi-final game CAN vs. MEX.  It was easily the best wheelchair basketball I’ve ever seen.  Canada got off to a great start and held on to advance to the final tomorrow night. 

The plan today is to get some sun and pool time and then head out to watch the Canadian Men’s Sitting Volleyball team in the bronze medal game and then head over to the Men’s Wheelchair Basketball semi-final game at 6pm.  We are keeping our fingers crossed to get tickets to the Men’s/Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Final game s on Saturday.  We also hope to fit in some blind judo before the closing ceremonies.  Hard to believe we will be home in just a few days. 

Even though Boccia event didn’t go as planned, We are still really enjoying our time here at the games. 


Canadian Women's Goalball team in action