Team Gold!!!

Hi Folks,

just a quick update here.  We had the teams and pairs competition today.  In teams, we had a round robin and then a top two final. We (Ontario) won our first game 9-3 against BC and then followed that up with a 9-2 victory against Quebec.  In the final round robin game BC pulled off a major upset beating Quebec in a tie-breaker.  We then took care of business, by winning the final 13-1 over BC.  Personally, I played ok, nothing great nothing awful.

Tomorrow we start the individual competition.  I will have three games tomorrow, then a final pool game on Saturday followed by semi’s and hopefully a gold medal match.

I’m feeling pretty tired today, so I am heading to bed early.

Have a good night.



About bocciashooter
Canadian BC1 Paralympic Boccia Athlete and 2011 National Champion. The only "foot player" in the country.

2 Responses to Team Gold!!!

  1. Wendy says:

    Awesome! And continued good luck!

  2. Nanny and Grampy Poole say: Keep up the good work, Keven.
    It’s always good to hear from you.

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