Headed to Nationals

Hey folks,

Well, the time has come!  I leave tomorrow for the 2012 Canadian Boccia Championships and Final Paralympic Selection Camp, in Surrey, BC.

The calendar is as follows:

  • Wednesday, “Education Day” and meetings
  • Thursday, Team Play
  • Friday, Individual Play
  • Saturday, Individual Play
  • Sunday, Selection Camp

I feel ready to go and “get the job done”.  Also, I’m seeing this as a sort of celebration.  The last 4 years has gotten me to a point that select few will ever get the opportunity to challenge for.  If you know me at all, you know I thrive on challenges & competition!  🙂  My focus will be on enjoying the moment and the challenge!  My whole life has been conquering challenges successfully, so this will be no different.

I’ll try and keep you all updated throughout the week, either via this blog or my facebook fan page.  My amazing wife got me a new travel toy for Xmas, a brand new tablet, so hopefully it will help me update you folks.  🙂




About bocciashooter
Canadian BC1 Paralympic Boccia Athlete and 2011 National Champion. The only "foot player" in the country.

4 Responses to Headed to Nationals

  1. D Poole says:

    Have fun and kick some b____!

  2. Stay cool. Good luck and have fun.

  3. Dad says:

    We are all very proud of you !!!! Good Luck.

  4. Peter Worthylake says:

    Keven, GO FOR IT!! You are incredible! I’m in awe and so proud of you – win or lose. I like your attitude – enjoy the moment!
    Please email how we can watch your competition on line.
    Very Proud Uncle Peter!

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