Dias 7-10

We are still alive and kicking in Mexico.  The Boccia competition ended 2 days ago and the team overall did very well.  Out of nine athletes we won 5 medals (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze). 

Yesterday we had a productive day at supporting Canadian teammates in other sports.  We started off by taking a trip to the other end of the city to watch our Women’s Goalball team play a tough match against USA.  They lost 5-2, but were close for most of the game.  It was really cool to watch a proper game of goalball.  You are only allowed to cheer when someone scores, very interesting.  Then we headed off to the track, to watch on of our friends compete in the 100m sprint.  We also got to see a few more medals while we were there.  We ended the day at the Women’s Wheelchair Basketball semi-final game CAN vs. MEX.  It was easily the best wheelchair basketball I’ve ever seen.  Canada got off to a great start and held on to advance to the final tomorrow night. 

The plan today is to get some sun and pool time and then head out to watch the Canadian Men’s Sitting Volleyball team in the bronze medal game and then head over to the Men’s Wheelchair Basketball semi-final game at 6pm.  We are keeping our fingers crossed to get tickets to the Men’s/Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Final game s on Saturday.  We also hope to fit in some blind judo before the closing ceremonies.  Hard to believe we will be home in just a few days. 

Even though Boccia event didn’t go as planned, We are still really enjoying our time here at the games. 


Canadian Women's Goalball team in action



About bocciashooter
Canadian BC1 Paralympic Boccia Athlete and 2011 National Champion. The only "foot player" in the country.

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